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Player Spotlight | Tyson Hagaman

By Ohio Elite, 11/10/17, 3:00PM EST


If you have ever met Tyson Hagaman, it is hard to not smile.  The member of the 2006 Boys Academy team has an infectious smile that makes everyone around him feel better.

Tyson is a talented player whose wonderful smile only hides his lethal skills on the field.  Ohio Elite sat down with this fun loving 11 year old to find out a little more.

OESA | Where do you go to school?
TYSON | Endeavor Elementary in Lakota
OESA | Where are you from? 
TYSON | Gambella, Ethiopia. My twin sister, Ella, and I were adopted  in 2014.
OESA | Any other brothers or sisters?
TYSON | Yes, besides my twin sister named Ella (I am the oldest). I have  2 older brothers, Aaron (15) and Grant (12). 

OESA | How did you find out about Ohio Elite?
TYSON | There are friends in our neighborhood who played for Ohio Elite, and the home fields are very close to our house. 

OESA | What is your favorite thing/moment with Ohio Elite?
TYSON | Winning the Grand Park Cup tournament with my team. I love the friends on my team, and I like spending time with them outside of soccer. 

OESA | What is your favorite thing about soccer?
TYSON | The competition and the teamwork

OESA | What other things do you like to do? Sports? Extra-curricular activities?
TYSON | I like playing football outside in the yard with my brothers. 

OESA | Who is your favorite soccer player?  Favorite Team?
TYSON | Paul Pogba. Manchester United. 
OESA | What is your favorite food?
TYSON | Burritos 

OESA | What do you want to be when you grow up?
TYSON | Pro soccer player, or if that doesn't work out, a firefighter

OESA | Favorite subject in school?
TYSON | Math

OESA | One thing people should know about Tyson.
TYSON | I like being around family, and do not like to be away from them for long. 

Interesting stories about Tyson
1. Tyson met the Ethiopian soccer team in the airport on the way to America. 
2. Tyson runs in 1-1.5 mile races each fall. He doesn't train for them. Last year, the 1.5 mile race was led by an FC Cincinnati player. Tyson kept pace with the FCC player, talking to him the whole time about soccer, and won the entire race of about 100 elementary aged kids.
The next time you see Tyson on the fields, stop and watch him and his teammates play or just go up and say hello. We are confident it will be worth your time.