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Player Spotlight | Marcella Cash

By Ohio Elite, 01/24/18, 11:00AM EST


On the field, in the gym, or on the gridiron Marcella Cash does her thing. And her thing translates to success!

Anything you can do, I can do better  is the theme from Annie Get Your Gun, but it might as well be the theme for Marcella Cash.  With her terrific sense of humor and an attitude that makes you want to dig in and go for your goals, Marcella is exploding towards the top of her game(s).  She is coming off the ECNL Florida event where she tallied eight (8) goals in three matches.

Marcella, a sophomore at Beavercreek High School, is the two year starting kicker for the  Varsity football team  handling all the extra point kicking.  She was the only kicker in the GWOC with a perfect kicking record her freshman year. She received the Special Team Battle of the Backyard Award as a freshman and sophomore playing against the rival, Xenia Buccaneers.  She also received the Special Team Award at the end of her freshman season.
When she is not on a field, Marcella dedicates time in the gym.  She currently holds the International Powerlifting Association (IPA) World Records for Teen 14-15 in Squat, Deadlift, and Total, and also holds the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) National Records for Teen 13-15 in Squat, Deadlift, and Total.  Marcella qualified for the World competition at the Elite level this past November.  However, due to her commitments to soccer and football she was unable to train to prepare for the Worlds. 
Ohio Elite reached out to Marcella to find out a little more about her and what makes her go.
NAME | Marcella Cash
TEAM | Ohio Elite ECNL 2002
POSITION(S) PLAYED | Forward, Outside Mid, and Center Back
HIGH SCHOOL | Beavercreek High School
SIBLINGS | Matthew/19
FAVORITE MOVIE or SHOW | What Happened to Monday


ODP:  ODP National Training Camp 2017, ODP Regional Training Camp 2016

High school: GWOC All Conference First Team, District First Team

FAVORITE ASPECT OF OHIO ELITE | The personalities of my coaches and how they use it to motivate me and help me to become better player and human being.

ATHLETIC ROLE MODEL | My Father - Powerlifting World Champion. He’s positive on his outlook about everything.  He teaches me to never say “can’t” and always push myself to be better.  His work ethic, whether at work or in the gym; always give 150%.

OTHER SPORTS | Football and Powerlifting

HOW DID YOU GET INVOLVED IN POWERLIFTING? | When I was younger I often would go watch my father compete and as I grew in age I would often train with my parents. I wanted to participate in something more out of the ordinary and prove my strength to myself.

HOW DID YOU GET INVOLVED IN FOOTBALL? | Football was a joke my friend and I would often talk about. One day I brought it up to my parents and they told me if I was serious then they would help finding me a kicking coach.  They did and the rest was history.

DIFFERENCES IN PLAYING SPORTS WITH MALES vs FEMALES | Playing a male sport versus playing a female sport is a lot less drama filled and more focused on the success of the team. It is less worried about the way someone may say something to you, how you take it personally, and your personal feelings toward someone.

ONE THING YOU WOULD LIKE PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT YOU | When I sing I like to think it is in comparison to Beyoncé’s voice

ANYTHING INTERESTING THAT WE SHOULD KNOW | One day in life, when I’m in need of some cash, I would like to work as a comedian at Funny Bone. My favorite joke is “what’s green and sings”

If you want to know the punchline to her favorite joke or just say 'Way to go!'  Come out to one of her Ohio Elite 2002 ECNL matches this spring.  In the meantime, go after what you want...Marcella certainly has.