Ohio Elite Training Center Undergoes Capital Improvement

September 12, 2022

If you have spent time at the Ohio Elite Training Center lately you have noticed that our competition fields 9 and 10 don’t look as green as the rest of the place does.

The refurbishing of fields 9 and 10 are part of a much larger capital improvement that the Ohio Elite Training Center will undergo this fall.  The project will include competition field refurbishing, critical equipment acquisition, and an updated and expanded irrigation system.

Competition Field Refurbish

Field 9 and 10 have been the primary competition fields for the last several years.  Over the last few years these fields have deteriorated for a number of reasons.  With the desire to provide the very best playing surface for our members and opponents, the decision was made to kill the grass on these two fields and start over.  The process will include killing the grass, aeration, leveling the surface, and reseeding with 100% Kentucky Bluegrass.  This is a 100 day process.  Come spring, members and opponents will have the very highest level of grass competition fields.  This plan will include new ongoing maintenance to keep the playing surface at its very best.

Reel Mower Purchase

Part of the ongoing maintenance plan will require the purchase of a reel mower.  Ohio Elite currently uses rotary mowers on all surfaces.  Because of the type of grass and the length of the mow required, a reel mower must be used.  This will again insure that we maintain the very best playing surface.

Irrigation Update and Expansion

The last part of the project is updating irrigation (watering system) with new wiring and mobile operation capabilities.  This will allow getting the right amount of water on the playing surface at the right time.  In addition, the system will be expanded to include field 11.  Once complete, the entire northwest side of the training center will have irrigation.

“It is very important to us that we have a great place to play and train our teams and players.  We have undertaken a vey calculated effort in the last 2 years to insure that our facility is top notch for those who visit and play here.” – Tim Lesiak, Ohio Elite CEO.

This capital improvement comes on the heels of one of our most important improvements to date; the flood water mitigation and bridge installation from last year.  That improvement has allowed water move off the fields quickly and minimized missed training sessions for Ohio Elite teams.

The field work will be performed by Front & Center Turf, LLC out of Columbus, OH.

Stay tuned for future updates on project progress

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