OESA Rebrand: A New Era in Elite Soccer

September 28, 2022

In honor of twenty years of elite soccer and with dedication to continuous improvement and raising the game, Ohio Elite will look different this year.

We partnered with local branding professionals to create an updated and consistent look tone, and feel that accurately represents the Ohio Elite experience.


Shield – A strong and contemporary shield shape gives power to the logo while representing experience and integrity.
Stars – The two stars are representative of both sides of the club, boys and girls, and the championship history since 2002.
Motion Lines – A modern take on the flames from the previous logo, the upward direction symbolizes ambition and determination.
Colors – Maintaining the original colors, the logo pays homage to the club’s history.
Type – The clean, condensed typeface is approachable and supports the strength of the shield.


Ohio Elite is the cornerstone of youth soccer in the Cincinnati area.  What started as a spark of potential has developed into a prevailing, influential flame.  This is earned daily by the courage to do what is right with unwavering dedication and the desire  to enrich lives.  We can see the future of the game because we are creating it.  Our staff, trained by playing experience as well as coaching education, our ambitious players, and our competitive environment set the pace in the city, region, and country.  That pace is always getting faster, because our approach  to the game doesn’t just focus on technique and tactics, it develops enduring discipline and resilient mentalities in the process.  We know greatness isn’t found, it is forged.  That is why we provide our players with the highest level of competition available.  At Ohio Elite, you are only guaranteed opportunity; you earn the rest.  We will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and experience you need to succeed.  When our people move on to what is next, they will be carrying that hard-earned light with them.

A brand is more than a logo.  The Ohio Elite brand has been built by the unwavering dedication of coaches, players, and parents who have earned this tradition of excellence over the last twenty years.  Thank you being a part of our story.

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